January, 2020

Set of ID documents for the Czech Republic

As part of our concept, we tried to clarify the orientation in the data on individual documents. We attempted to make the documents work more united. At the same time, it seemed essential to us that it was easy to distinguish them at first sight. That's why we decided to work with sorting the data into boxes, which give the data a clearer anchor, and we also worked with assorted color variants.

With a passport and ID card, we found it essential to ask ourselves what constitutes a state identity for us. We decided to start with the Czech anthem, which is itself a bearer of national significance as a state symbol. Its text addresses the Czech landscape, which is significant for the Czech Republic, we have a great connection with it and the joy of nature often unites us.

Both the text of the anthem and the visualization of its music recording appear on the documents. Because we found it important that they were among each other, they make individual security layers more interconnected. In some of them at the same time, there are patterns inspired by the Czech landscape.

This project is a part of cooperation with the State Printing Works of Security and was exhibited at Czech National Bank

New Czech IDs were developed with Ilya Bazhanov and Barbora Haplová