Sergei Gavroche
June 2021. Vision

Traces. One-click access to the digital footprint

Traces is an AI open-source platform that enables one-click access to a digital footprint. Every person who uses the internet leaves a large digital trace during their lifetime. This footprint is collected by big tech companies in the form of data, which they then sell as targeted advertising. Since it is impossible to be anonymous on the Internet nowadays, each of us who uses this network keeps a detailed diary of our lives.

This includes messenger communications, voicemails, emails, photos, videos, your taste in music, etc. With such a diverse library of information that can be gathered through AI, it is still possible today to create a digital identity that speaks the same voice and chats the same way

In 50 years, the number of dead people on the Internet will exceed the number of living people. An incredible number of similar "dead" profiles are collected on the tech giant's servers. They can either delete it or start profiting from it shortly. Traces solves this problem and allows you to access and manage all your data.